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A company holds its ground when its team is capable of setting and following the principles rightly and effectively. Meet our Senior Team that helps us be what we are.

Jim Duckworth


Jim had joined the company way back in the year 2013 in order to provide solutions for property. He is personally responsible for setting up the base of the company and for making important business relationships that the management team can take up and further the business.

John Duncan

Managing Director

John is highly experienced in the field of real estate and he has spent close to 20 years in the business of Corporate Services. His expertise in this field helps the company to understand the nuances of buying, selling and renting office spaces for our clients.

He is a leader in every sense of the term and he is completely focused on the growth and development of the company in the United Kingdom and the United States.

James Rodber

Legal Counsellor

A company's first and foremost requirement happens to be a legal counsellor who can keep legal hassles at bay and make the right decisions on their behalf. James Rodber has an experience of 15 years of both commercial as well as company law. His constant and unwavering support has kept out company working as effectively as we want it to.

His innovative techniques have helped our company make seemingly difficult transactions easy and convenient, thus keeping close to the company's goals.

Lyndsay Munn

Managing Director

Lyndsay happens to head the team that deals with client services. She is responsible for enhancing and improving the range of services that our clients are offered. She has excellent values and her constant driving force plays a significant role in the growth of our business potential.

Our team consists of other significant people as well who contribute to their roles as and when expected to form a company that provides the best real estate solutions to existing and potential clients.