Decoding Office Space Rental In America


here is no denying the fact that The United States Of America has one of the strongest footholds in the global economy. Despite the country's dip in economic growth in the year 2015, it is on the rise yet again and the US dollar has a whopping share of around 60% of investments all across the globe. You will be glad to know that starting a business in the US is comparatively easier because you can almost easily access credit and the government alsoprovides considerable support.

However, renting office space in America could be troublesome if you are not aware of the technicalities involved. One website that you could refer to for all your rental space needs could be Offices.net as they have been in the industry for a considerable amount of time and have decent expertise in the matter.

Understanding The Type Of Office Space That You Need

The first step in decoding office space to rent is an understanding the type of space that will suit your purpose. Listed below are some of the types that you could consider:

1. Short Term Rental

You could be leading a project that requires renting an office space but owing to the unpredictability of the work, you are not sure aboutthe tenure of renting the space. You can rent temporary office spaces that allow you to upscale or downscale whenever you need to and you can also move out with very short notice when your project is over. This flexibility is readily available in short rental spaces.

2. Small rental offices

If you are trying to avoid inflation of your overheads then renting small office spaces is the best decision that you could possibly take. Most buildings that offer small office spaces have flexible and convenient terms that you could use to your advantage. These terms will alsoagree with your business needs.


3. Furnished Spaces

When you need to shift to an office space quickly without the hassle of adding furniture and other essentials, all you need to do is hire furnished office space. These spaces are not only fully furnished but also have internet, cable and telecom services. These spaces let you move in a very short time and also reduce your costs effectively.

4. Private Offices

If budget is not an issue, you could always hire private offices that come equipped with one workstation and have a couple of desks for the employees to share. These suites are expensive and are mostly meant for the executives and not for the management teams. These spaces come equipped with full services and are also available at short term notices.


5. Shared office spaces

An office space that can accommodate a couple of small companies and start-ups is referred to as a shared office space.

These spaces are quite affordable for beginners as the cost is shared between the companies.

The terms are often flexible and temporary.

How Much Office Space Do You Need To rent Out?

How much space you need for your office space entirely depends on your business type and module.

It also depends on the person you are renting it out for.

The average requirement for office space stands around 150 sq ft for each person.

Listed below are the examples of required space for individual employees and higher authorities:

1.CEO or Presidents: Around 400 square feet

2.Vice Presidents:Around 200 square feet

3.Managers: Around 150 square feet

4.Engineers:Around 175 square feet

5.Data Entry Staff: Around 125 square feet

6.Temporary employees: Around 100 square feet

Cost Of Rented Spaces

The cost of renting commercial spaces in America varies from city to city. It also depends upon the market conditions and the condition of the building in which the office space is being rented. The type of space you want also decides the cost.

If you are looking for an office space that comes equipped with full servicesthen the costs are calculated as per person with regard to per workstation.

Fully furnished work spaces help cut down costs of new furnishings, utilities etc. These spaces also provide staff for reception and support that further brings down your costs.